Blackhead Extraction

Blackhead Extraction - Don’t Do it Yourself

There are many skin conditions that can be bothersome. One of the most common is blackhead extraction. Are you plagued by blackheads here in Sydney, Australia? There are many treatments that can work to keep blackheads away in the future. You can purchase these over the counter or we may provide you with a higher-end product in our office at La Vie Medispa. However, what do you do about a blackhead breakout right now?
First, don’t try to do it yourself. When you squeeze or try to pop a blackhead or pimple, you can wind up with scarring and other future issues. Instead, let us take care of the blackhead extraction process for you. Our skilled team of skin experts can help you extract your blackheads and work to get skin back to beautiful condition once again. This is something you shouldn’t “do yourself.” Let the La Vie Medispa team do the “dirty work” for you.